Low score on AV-TEST CSI 8.4 (latest test)

Why you have such a low score in AV-Test 2016 CSI 8.4 ?

Score is 3.0 of 6.0 is the same score of Windows Defender …

This is depending on your viruses database not updated or maybe also from antivirus algorithm that not recognize edited handle malware…? You should have a better score on AV-TEST.

Was better before:

Is interesting to read also pcmag article about CSI 10 Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 Review | PCMag low score also here.


Dismal score in our malware-download test. Independent lab test results sparse and poor. Web-based protection against malicious and fraudulent URLs not yet working.
When evaluating an antivirus utility, I look at how independent testing labs around the world rated it. I follow five such labs, but only one of them includes Comodo in its testing, AV-Test Institute. This lab rates products on an 18-point scale and honors products that earn 17.5 or 18 points with the designation Top Product. Comodo definitely didn't earn Top Product honors. At 12.5 points, it scored lower than any of the other products that I follow.
Comodo did very well in my hands-on malware-blocking test, with 100 percent detection and 10 of 10 possible points. Webroot and PC Matic also managed a perfect 10. However, Comodo was significantly less effective at detecting malware samples that I modified by hand, suggesting that its signature-based detection may be overly rigid.

Why, the AV is never been anything but for usability, why chase something you are never going to get 100%

Keeping the Whitelist up to date is far more important.

Thank you


Just submit any suspicious file for analysis. Additionally, if you want, check it with VirusTotal service. Problem solved.