Low Rating?

why dose comodo internet security has low rating on independent virus labs? i just ought to leave Eset Smart security, then checked for reviews :embarassed:

Have a look at this: http://www.melih.com/2011/11/27/av-comparatives-org-bullying-censorship-and-financial-deals-with-anti-virus-vendors/

Independent virus labs are not independent the ones you are talking about. It’s all business it’s all money. Nobody want to tell you that free Comodo security is better than any paid one. AV market today is a mass brainwashing. The only thing which really protects you and I tried all products under the sun is Comodo because it’s default deny. The rest of AV market today is 99% default permit which means you will get infected more easy. Do some research and get shocked for life.

Which “indepedent” labs might that be?

i read about this matter here - Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 | PCMag



Very inexpensive. Very good malware blocking. GeekBuddy remote help extremely effective at cleaning up malware, especially rootkits. Very little effect on performance (True).


Low ratings from independent labs (So what? It’s all lies as I said above about AV comparatives plus what other labs? It’s a pure speculation need evidence). Firewall’s program control effectively off by default (Nope). Defense+ popups force uninformed user to make security decisions (Used to be not anymore). No parental control, antispam, antiphishing, or privacy protection (So what? You can get other products for this u don’t need these it will eat up RAM).


This stripped-down suite includes hands-on remote assistance by Comodo’s GeekBuddy experts. If its antivirus scan finds any threats, you’ll want to invoke their expert help for full cleanup (That’s rubbish).

At the end of the day stop believing everything you read. I will say it again:

99% of AV market: “Default Permit” is when you find yourself in an arms race with the hackers. It means that you’ve put yourself in a situation where what you don’t know can hurt you, and you’ll be doomed to playing keep ahead/catch-up.

Comodo: “Default Deny” is a really good idea unlike Default Permit. It takes dedication, thought, and understanding to implement a “Default Deny” policy, which is why it is so seldom done. It’s not that much harder to do than “Default Permit” but you’ll sleep much better at night.

Read on buddy: The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

yeap got the idea, the reason i like CIS is recently i have crypted something,you may have a idea what i meant by “something” 88) however i used it over a week ,no AV detected it, after my work is done i went ahead an scan it on virustotal. the"something" is detected by only AVG,an CSI other paid shit didn’t detect a thing, if i have the money, which i don’t for now, i will definitely go for CSI PRo :a0 , an i recommend it for all who care about your privacy.for all who don’t want some hacker watching over your solder.


I see. Yeah. Agree. Well as they say Comodo AV is the last line of defense. ;D :-TU