low (not recomended) - mediumlow - medium - high - totaly paranoid..

Maby something similar has been suggested…

But what is “proactive security” or “antivirus security” or “firewall security”??
A new CIS user might ask themself…

I think something like…
“Low (not recomended) - MediumLow - Medium(recomended) - High - Very High”

Should be a better naming (or something similar)… Due to its simplicity… Its quite clear that “Very High” means higher security than “Low” while its not as clear (in my mind) if “antivirus security” means better or worse security than “firewall security”… =) Very high could replace “proactive” anyway… just a suggestion… :-TU :-TU
And don’t be afraid to add more default configs… =)

Hm dunno we’ve had problems when people didn’t understand which mode was supposed to be leakproof etcetera. Scott comes to mind…


Low, Medium, High, Custom, Training (or something similar) would work much better I think. Less confusing

+1 :-TU

The differents between these settings cannot be directly compared.

Well Proactive is the highest, then Internet Security.
But Antivirus and Firewall you should just use, and are default, if you have only installed one component either Antivirus or Firewall.
Best thing would be, if Proactive would be default, if there are Firewall + Antivirus installed. I think, the Internet Security is not needed, thats my opinion.
The other to option should be modified, that you have Proactive, but just without the settings, needed for the not installed component.