Low and Idle priority options needed for on-demand Scanner

The on-demand virus scanner saturates the computer so much that it’s difficult to do anything else on the computer while it is running. I think two additional on-demand scanning priority options are needed:

  • Low priority, freeing enough resources so the computer is usable
  • Idle priority, only scanning when disk and CPU are idle (much like Microsoft Desktop Search indexing)

This is the highest item on my wish list.
Thanks for CIS and for listening,


:-TU +1

+1 To Give It More Priority…


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Yes! I agree. I recall AVG Antivirus has a slider where you can arrange the scanspeed and impact on system recources…

+1 for me, purely from a gamers/media generator’s perspective.

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+1 :-TU

I would greatly welcome having the option to set run prioroty on the Scanner Settings and Run A Scan functions.

Comodo certainly knows how to do this since it has implemented user configured settings for both processor and disk usage with Comodo Backup.



You got my vote as well.

Let me cite to Kaspersky as an example again. It allows to “concede resources to other applications”.


Does anyone know if this is something that Comodo might implement in future release?

Choice is good.


Can we please get this feature in the next release? :slight_smile:

Add this too https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis/av-option-prevent-computer-from-going-in-standby-when-a-manual-scan-is-running-t65894.0.html;msg463611 :slight_smile: