Lovin CIS 3.8

Hey guys, this is basically just a great big thanks and Kudos to Comodo for all the hard work and long hours put into CIS and it is really paying off to all of us end users. The rate that CIS is comming along is quite astounding, you guys are making great leaps and strides towards your goals for being one of the top internet security contenders. To be honest I think you already are. I mean a great DB is definitely a main goal but you guys are making it almost fool proof to even become infected which I think is a much better idea. Plus since virus threats are slowing and making way for more spyware, malware, hijacking and other dubious acts, it only makes sense to prevent then to allow then attempt to disenfect. I feel quite secure using CIS right now as my main line of defence against the world of malware and such because you are creating a force to be reconed with and it is only getting better, plus it is getting to the point where I would feel fine about installing it on my family and friends computers because it is getting actually quite hard to even infect a system with CIS installed and it is becomming much more user friendly with the addition of threatcast and the buffer overflow protection. And even if there is a problem that arises it is easy enough to jump on this forum and post the issue and know that there will be a speedy professional response. So to all of Comodo and all the Mods, as well as all the community here is a great big THANK YOU! :BNC

Nice with some positive feedback.

I too think the 3.8 version is really killing it! (:LOV) (:LOV)

Thank you Duskao!

Its great when people can see what we are doing with our Prevention as the first line of defense strategy and appreciate the effectiveness of it.

We are working very hard on ver 3.9 and ver 4 already :slight_smile:

Fun has only just began :wink: (for us that is, not for our competitors :slight_smile: ) (I mean they don’t even protect you from Buffer Overflow which is one of, if not THE biggest vulnerability out there)…


Special thanks for this cool new feature! :comodo110:

you are very welcome… :slight_smile:

you heard about Drive by Download attacks… you go to a site and voila, you are infected… many of them are due to Buffer Vulnerability. BO is the “Silent Infector”, one of the most hideous way to infect end users! One of the biggest vulnerability out there today… Now you have a way to protect yourself! Our promise to you is to “Protect You”.

We will not make you think what you should be doing to protect yourself
We will not make you think where to go and find protection
We will not make you think how much you should be paying for protection

Comodo is here to Protect you from yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s threats, as best as anyone can, for Free!

We exist for your Security, We work for your protection. And I do mean every word! And its all coming from my heart (and my pocket for the development :slight_smile: ).



It’s really smooth sailing from this point on now Melih, just concentrate on the minor Firewall bugs reported & shore up the CIS AV to get it up to true killer status and life is great, again it’s beauty, keep the vision alive! Go get’em
Xman :-TU :-TU
Cheers, cheers, cheers :Beer :Beer :Beer
Xman (:KWL)

Simply awesome!!! Your are the best.
What does a .Net programmer with over 6 years of experience on Object Oriented programming have to do to get a job at COMODO?? (:WIN) (:NRD)

Hi dude, you like myself know where this company is headed, isn’t it exciting to see and be a contributing factor in their success and ultimately our own in as far as true security is concerned, I’m honored to be a part of it all and thanks in advance from all your hard work and contributions to make CIS THE ULTIMATE FIREWALL/ANTIVIRUS available FREE to thwart all those Malware writers out there!
Cheers Darcjrt and again good work, you have my highest regards and respect towards the cause :-TU :-TU
Xman :Beer


Thanks Xman! My passion has always been good programming and resource management. I love to take my applications to the next level on performance and memory usage.

I know to recognize good SW and CIS is definitely one. I do what I can from here Puerto Rico to help CIS become the best security suite submitting thousands of malware sample.


Well, except of my opinion that it’s not a good solution for avarage users I really like it too.
I suppose there’s no HIPS with a higher detection rate, not on x32 and with 3.8 on x64 either. It’s my favourite because I’m a kind of user who klicks anything but I can handle with D+ alerts with proactive security config.

I just hope that the delays by creating D+ rules via pop-ups will disappear and that there will be better process modification abilities on x64 (Plz remember my pm, Melih :wink: ).

Thanks for this free product.