Love vs Hate

Check this one here! It’s for you to express yourselves on state of affairs and to influence on them. Are you in sympathy with the girl that is newbie to your neighborhood or your school? You hate your boss that will never raise you salary no matter how hard you work? Tell the whole world about it! Discuss whatever you wish here!

Your opening post sounds fair enough, A little silly though… After checking it out Its just where people can flame others.

So this is the new generation of E-B1tching… :-\

Edit: Changed some spelling…

How you think which feeling prevails over you most, hate or love? (:NRD)

That is the most stupidest question ever. 88)


I hate you for this ;D

I must say after all the turmoil i’ve been through i would say love, but they are pretty much even with me

No. I’m sure ganda has asked something even more stupid. (:WIN)

But to answer your question, it has to be love at the moment (:LOV)

Threads fused. I hate duplicates >:( ;D

This is kind of an advertisement, but from there on I’m at loss. ???

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