Love Virtual Mode, BUT stuck in Virtual Mode for an installer.

Hello all,

I’m trying to install OBS [Open Broadcast Software] to my computer. I know you usually get the run in sandbox or run normal… I don’t know how but the installer always shows a green box around it, no matter what I do… So I don’t think it’s installing properly.

I saved the OBS installer in Shared Space & INSTEAD of opening up Shared Space in Chromium Virtual/IceDragon Virtual/etc. [which brings up Shared space folder in virtual mode.]

I opened up Shared Space via Start & going through the normal windows explorer.
Then when I run the OBS installer in a non green shared space folder.

The installer STILL shows in green border. The OBS installer doesn’t have an uninstall in the installer & I can’t find the OBS files anywhere on my computer since I’m assuming it’s still trying to install in Sandbox mode???

So I can’t delete the virtual files? I don’t know what to do, I’m still learning how the virtual mode works… :confused:

Thanks, I hope that makes sense, I can clarify if needed!