Love the new taskbar icon

Its showing my downloads/uploads with green and red icons. Thanks again.

+1 thanks

It’s quite nice…
How about putting the “old” Comodo icon between the arrows ?
something like this :

I guess the green arrow shows download (in), and the red upload (out) ;D ? Or is it the other way around ???
I couldn’t find it in the manual…

green = upload
red = download

(download a file, you’ll see ;D)

This kind of traffic icon can be useful, but I doubt that it is of much use to differentiate incoming and outgoing traffic. That kind of deeper information could be better found in Connections view, maybe also byte rate fields added there too.
This is much like Sygate firewall traffic icon except that it does not show if traffic is blocked or allowed. Nor is it aesthetically very attractive.

I get the information from my cable modem blinking that some traffic is happening. This could substitute that information in connections where no blinking lights are available or they are physically hidden.

So since this looks rather ugly, why not just make the normal icon colors blink in a shuttle way to give the info that some packets are passed.
Or then as someone in the 3rd post suggested, a much simpler systray icon with only color changes. Does not hurt eyes as much as this solution.

All above just my opinions, lol.

… ah, yes… (:SHY)

no probs :wink:

a bunch of arrows going up and down is no use to me either, but you can always disable the animated icon if you don’t like it…

Personally I like the idea of the icon animation being available, but the way it is implemented right now has some problems imo:

(1) In my mind red = blocked and green = allowed. You already have the motion going up for upload and down for download, but the colors make no sense. You’re implying that download = bad.

(2) I find the animation to be slow. Several times when bringing windows up/down when using the “hide the taskbar”, I would see only enough of the icon to see an empty black square (the animation had passed). My thought every time was: What the heck is that?!?

So my two cents summary is:

  • Green = Allowed, Red = Blocked; Up = Upload, Down = Download - don’t mix the two.

  • Don’t animate the entire arrow coming into view and disappearing from view - shorten the animation to a bare minimum to efficiently and attractively convey information.

For right now I was thankful I could turn off the animation but wish the “sygate style” animation was an option (i.e. a very fast and informative icon that isn’t distracting or trying to be too fancy (and thus slow)).

I really enjoy this new feature. Easily distinguished and recognized.
My 2 cents is “leave as is”. As one color shows traffic in, and another out I can quickly monitor and make a rough estimate of the traffic directions. More information in the taskbar icon will only occlude the purpose of traffic monitoring. The icon is too small to be containing much more information anyway and I take it blocked traffic gets logged :wink:

that’s not true, I’ve never seen a red arrow going up or a green one going down.

when you download a file, the only arrow you see is the red one (going down).

it has nothing to do with something that is blocked or allowed.


Exactly, I too find the implementation is not very sleek, though having animated icon is great.
I would favour two simpler dots/lights tucked in somewhere within the Comodo icon.

Guess they have used the colors from ZoneAlarm.
To bad they didn’t copy the whole activity icon.
The ZA one is better as it shows the amount/intensity of the traffic.
The info from the Comodo icon is delayed and not very useful.
Take a look at the ZA way, and make something more like that!
(and why BLANK with a RED border, looks terrible on “Windows Classic” :slight_smile:

That black icon, being a too drastic change from a normal one also clashes badly with one program:
Since there is a parent concept in CPF then the free Process Explorer comes to mind as a good companion. Unfortunately their black icons are very similar ???

The best for me was Kerio 4 with green as outgoing and red as incoming. The colours aren’t as important as how they’re displayed. In Kerio they’re like thin graph bars in a way. If the red bar was at the highest level it means I was maxing my downloads. If the bar was low or no bar that means little or no activity at all. Some representation like that would be more meaningful.

maybe something like this;

split the shield in two;
when downloading, the left side fills up (green).
when uploading, the right side fills up (red).

only a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s original :D. I like that.

The downloading can fill down, while the uploading can fill up, but this might be confusing.

I think the current icon would be OK if there isn’t a pause between two arrows. For example, when one arrow is about to disappear, another one should appear at the same time (assuming that the traffic still exists). The attached picture explains this better than I do ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m affraid that’s beyond my knowledge of computer graphics. ;D

I still don’t think it’s as meaningful because there’s no sense of how much of your internet usage is downloading and how much is uploading.