Love it - BOClean *WINS* poll but DSLR's WCB deletes thread as usual

Ongoing saga of stupidity at DSLR (“”) where someone put up a poll as to the “BEST antitrojan/antimalware” and offered numerous options, including “I don’t use ANY protection.” Natch, BOClean was far and wide ahead in the results but the “security moderator” known as “WildCatBoy” deleted the poll as always for the same reason as always, BOClean had better than 29%, NOTHING had a little LESS that 29% and the “also rans” came in in the single digits of “I use this and I love it and it works.” …

Now normally, I wouldn’t bother with anything that happens on “DSLR security” as they’ve chased anyone with a clue away ages ago, but it was QUITE interesting that the poll just vanished as is usual with that “moderator” there. Folks wonder why Nancy and I went out of business, and between the “toner guy” (our lawyer HAS the check we PAID for a favorable review with and will get us a copy of it sometime this coming week to display to settle the “argument”) and “WCB” that is the reason WHY BOClean (and Nancy and I) got killed in exchange for all the dedication we’ve given to our customers all these years … “evil vendors” giving away FREE software now. :slight_smile:

But since Melih might not be aware, yet again, the SMALL guys lose at the expense of those with advertising money burning holes in their google adwords. Like so much else, PAY or die … truly wish Nancy and I had made a PROFIT doing what we did, but haven’t since 2002. We would have spent same on improving the CODE rather than just trying to keep up with the malware, and in the end that’s WHY BOClean was successful despite its “leet lackings”. :frowning:

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Totally agree.

Sadly, a day and night of continuous thunderstorms that knocked out power yesterday afternoon and it just came back a little while ago. All I had to watch things with was a Palm Tungsten E2 and no “cache” to save it to … but SAW the results (hope some others stored it) but it was QUITE interesting and the usual “Mary freakout and delete” for the entire thread because BOClean was mentioned, and as usual, no “deleted thread” since Mary likes BOClean to “completely disappear” on DSLR.

Saw an email from Melih which I wasn’t able to download until just now with questions about where BOClean was headed, noting dissatisfaction with it somehow “not measuring up” to EWIDO (heh) and that just completely ruined my night knowing that the POLL results clearly indicated otherwise, but the PROOF (as usual, thank you WCB) is GONE and therefore I cannot show it to Melih as proof NOT to ■■■■■ with BOClean and what it already IS. :frowning:

BOClean WON hands down as the BEST there … and WCB … as usual … “deleted by moderator” with the exception that the entire thread just VANISHED as though it was never there. Nice work, Mary. :frowning:

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I did see that poll, I was a tad busy around the fews days that the post originated. So I did look, but not that carefully and didn’t notice it was gone… Grrr…

It is weird that they did not even leave the topic name and post the reason as to why it was deleted. I am surprised that the Administrators (With physical access to the server) did not kick or warn (Depends whether this was a repeat offense or not) the mod and restore the topic…

Very fishy.

The AT 2007 poll has just been moved and made into a “sticky”. Look at the LH side links

Kevin, the poll is still there :slight_smile:

Poll :,18336264

Results :,18336264~viewpoll=1

Greetz, Red.

Comodo should acknowledge that it will be facing a hell of a trouble for giving a good (if not the best) products for FREE! But no worries because people will be with you in that process… More power comodo! (B)

The poll is still there and Boclean is proving to be the “Stone Cold Steve Austin” of AT’s and opening a can of woop axe on everything else.

Congrats Kevin.

BoClean “top of the pops” in 2006 and 2007.

…and on we go…

Its nice to see quick on the draw flame guns.
I wonder who really has the attitude.