Lot's of Staff on the Forums now guys!

Has anyone noticed the amount of Staff on the forums lately? :slight_smile: I posted this else where, But wow this is something I didn’t see last year on these forums!

How many forums have this amount of staff? Anyway Well done Melih & Comodo! It’s just great to see the amount of posts & activity of the Staff. Attached also is a song for Melih and you guys can play it while your reading this thread… LOL haha. ;D


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Yeh it’s great, makes the forum very appealing :slight_smile: Also nice to know they’re there if someone needs them…

yeah yeah 88) why don’t just bump the old thread instead of making a new one? 88)

i wish they give us more female staff 88)

You would have a job bumping the old thread not where it is !ot!

On Topic yes it is very nice and helpful having assistance from Staff thank you all. :slight_smile:

Yeah it seems like staff members are popping up everywhere, and mods are leaving. Soya, Sded, 3xist, etc. :THNK