lots of problems

Your product’s def + and a kinda bit of your firewall interfears with alot of stuff!

One of you geek buddies Jeff told me that SC2 is on the whitelist, but with stock settings when i run SC2 it crashes!

I look at COMODO and it blocked the shell code injection.

And theres even bigger problems with Combat arms. I dont feel like explaining since i already explained it to 3 or 4 geek budddies, so please tell the developers to run these games and fix the problems ON STOCK SETTINGS!

Now I have to disable DEF+ and put proactive security to have less problems however some problems still occur. :cry:

And is it possible that u guys can upgrade your forums to look nice and easier on the eyes?

To me it looks all cramped up and not good colours. You could have one similiar to MBAM forum or bleeping computers forum or any that look good!

So please take this feedback and make it true. ;D

And if people don’t like the new forum look, there should be a button to switch back to old one.

Hey could someone please help me, it seems that you guys aren’t doing much.

We were talking about you guys at the MBAM forum and it seems that the 5.3 version sandbox is weaker then 5.1.

Here are the video links.

Please check out
Comodo vs 15 zero day malware
Comodo Firewall seems to have let some malware through in this video

fixed url

your first link seems to be dead.

And i dont feel like reading every single post, so could you please give a brief explanation on what’s going on in those threads?

The thread was moved.
Comodo vs 15 zero day malware.

Ok, im not here to troll, but comon, your product has HUGE problems with fullscreen games.

I leave on stock settings, and so it blocks combat arms with def+… so i have to disable it.

Same thing for Starcraft 2.

I use to play a game called 9dragons, your product blocks files of it and saying its a virus!
Ive already reported it and it seems you guys removed it :slight_smile:

So now, when im playing a game called wolfteam, i only have firewall and the anti-virus on.

So when i try to join a game in wolfteam, it seems to freezes.

I go to my desktop and what do you know, COMODO says it detected one of the wolf team files has a virus!

Now Comodo staff, i know that you guys will just say a simple reply and something like “please report the false positives”

But theres a problem with almost every game out there!

I always get alerts, game crashing, false positives, for games!

I really think that you guys should also target gamers for the next version, because i am sure that i am not the only one that is a gamer and a customer of yours.

So please, for your next version please fix the problems for these games on stock settings and there may be more games.

StarCraft 2, Combat Arms, and wolf team.

And I guess I will report the false positives for wolfteam

Ya I cant really upload a fp so please reply back!

What level are you running the heuristics at? I wouldn’t run anything higher than the default, low. If you’re running low, what happens if you turn them off?

Oh boy… talk about being yappy… >:-D

Please try the workarounds as described in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] and see if that brings a solution.

I really think that you guys should also target gamers for the next version, because i am sure that i am not the only one that is a gamer and a customer of yours.
Did you try setting CIS to Game Mode before starting a game.

as i said before, gamemode did not solve the problem!

And how come it wouldn’t let me post or reply or start a new thread or email someone for more then a month?!?!?!??!!?

I kept getting some stupid error saying something about my ip 1 sec ago…