lots of problems

Hello, ive been having multiple problems with CIS. I dont feel like explaining one of them, but danny and andrew from the geekbuddy know them how theres a problem with combat arms.

and second, for some reason my geek buddy keeps saying connecting to operator for such a long time and sometimes it doesnt work.

And thrid, for some reason ever since i installed comodo, i disconnet from my network, and i am still connected to it! so could someone plz help me!

and i would like to change my name to IDKwatMyNameShoudBe since it is easier to remember for me.

and also i dont really like how the forum looks, because it isn’t easy on the eys and looks really plain.

Could u guys get one like malwarebytes forum?

to me the firewall and def+ are interfering with alot of stuff, and when i exit CIS it still is running in task manager and it wont solve the problem on how it wont let me disconnect.

how long will it take for this stuff to be fixed? if they dont get fixed soon, i might have to get a new anti-virus >.<

and why does the forum show my ip address, i do not like that.

Your IP isn’t shown publicly. You see it, but other forum members do not.

If you haven’t already done this, you should follow the steps in this guide…

Your ip address only shows up for you, no one else…I can’t see it.

I was having a problem with my connection…I seem to have fixed it by going to ->Main Comodo window-> More->Preferences-> ‘untick’ --Automatically detect new private networks

It worked for me but maybe not for you.

I don’t use Geek Buddy (I probably should) but they surely can help you.
Maybe they are short staffed right now since its the holidays…maybe??

To my knowledge (which is limited…I’m new to CIS as well :wink: )
There’s a difference between disabling and shutting down.

Disabling - can be done from the system tray icon …
eg. > Firewall Security Level > Disabled.
This is the same as lifting all your network firewall rules to “Allow All”
connections in & out

Shutting down - >right-click on the system tray icon and click Exit.
When you exit, all incoming connections are blocked.

I would suspect that you are getting FIREWALL alerts, not AV alerts.
In the beginning, CIS doesn’t assume anything, but as you give it the answers it needs it makes ‘rules’ and you will get less and less.

I hardly get any pop ups, and I have the FW alert settings set to ‘very high’

I was infected (before I discovered Comodo) because my old AV-FW just ‘assumed’ that a file was safe because it wasn’t in their data base…Comodo doesn’t ‘assume’ anything. I appreciate that.

Some people can’r deal with Comodo, maybe you are one.

@ IDKWatMyDsplayNameShoudBe
I’m not sure you’ve fully explained what your problem is.

If you don’t post what the problems are we can’t help you. ???

The first major problem is about Combat Arms which is too hard to explain, however I GeekBuddy chatted with Danny and Andrew and they couldn’t find a solution but to disable the def + since the game kept on crashing on it! So you can ask them and hopefully they will remember since it was a couple of days ago.

And second, ever since I had CIS v5, when I try to disconnect from my network, it says disconnected however my internet is still working!

Third, Iv’e noticed that COMODO has alot of false positives, mabe like Panda? I scanned my pc and it detected 5 files, so then I scanned with MBAM those 5 files, and it detected none. So then I sent the files to the MBAM staff and they just confirmed 1 file that was adware and the rest of them were false positives which those files are part of Sony Vegas, some printer file, and another 2 for a game called 9dragons.

Forth, when I disable CIS v5 and then exit it, I still see it’s processes running in task manager.

And for some reason, this forum seems to be very glitchy and doesn’t look nice. Could you guys improve on it? And I heard that COMODO will be getting new technology and it will be releasing soon.

How soon is soon and what is the technology?

You can report any false positives here and they will be fixed quickly.

Are you talking about this?

Now it’s saying, " Update failed. Anti Virus is not intialized! "

Could you help me in the problems please?!

And I don’t think that that’s the new technology I’m talking about. Languy99 said that they say it will give COMODO 100% detection and Melih spread it out through the forums. It can be what you said, but I think it’s in improvment on CIS premium.

Could you please check two things.

More / About what is your virus database version.

Have you a Temp folder in the Windows folder (C:\Windows\Temp)


(sorry for caps ^^)

You’re talking about DACS. This is included in CCE, but will eventually be integrated into CIS.

A discussion of it can be read here.

will cce be in a beta stage for long do you know.?
I am very curious about this program and wish to have a look but im not 100% happy using beta programs.
i would sooner wait for a stable release. O0

umm what do u mean, u know what ill just get geekbuddy to help me

Did you check what av database is loaded? Look under More → About.

Can you see if there is a folder with path C:\Windows\Temp ? If not can you create it; it can fix a certain problem.

i got geek buddy and they said the files were currupt so i had to reinstall omg