Lots of False Positives

I would love to follow your directions, but it’d be a bit of a pain.

I realized something was wrong when Comodo Antivirus detected 73 viruses, when I had just scanned last night. I stopped the scan because of the abnormally high number. This computer has never had that many show up in a single scan. A critical areas scan at that!

Again, with 73 detections, I don’t think it’s feasible to list each and every one.

Unless I just got a horde of infections in 7-zip and at least one in a GIMP file then I believe COMODO’s latest database is detecting a whole s**tload of false positives

http://7-zip.org I have the beta version.
I’m not sure where the file from GIMP comes from.

Inside the zip file are the 72 detections from 7-zip files, the 1 detection from GIMP files, and a copy of the antivirus log exported from COMODO Internet Security Premium.

The zip file was packed with Normal compression, no password, with my copy of 7-zip.

[attachment deleted by admin]

My AV Database is 5065.

Please ignore these FPs, an update is coming shortly.
V5065 was up for few minutes and then we rolled back to V5059


You can update to version 5069 or later and and these 7-zip FPs should have been resolved.


Hi typerextreme,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.


I updated the database, got the latest version as of 10:30pm Central Time. So far the critical areas scan hasn’t detected anything. It’s gotten farther than it had when I stopped it earlier. So far so good.