Lots of connections when browsing. PC is clean

There is something like 40 or 100 connections in firefox when browsing with it.
There are IP´s like and

How is this possible and how i can prevent this? How i can shut down these connections for good? PC is clean as far as i know

This is normal with pre-fetch enabled, or simply browsing with multiple tabs. You should see the same thing when browsing with IE8. Page scanners can also cause this.

With pre-fetch, when you visit a page with several links, your browser will partially load some content from each link in anticipation that you will click on one of those links. And when you do, the page loads quicker because it has already loaded a portion of that page.

A page scanner will check out each link in order to alert you if one of the links is unsafe to follow.

And finally, with tabbed browsing, you are going to be connecting to the address of the site on each tab.

CIS hangs on to each connection for a little while to allow you time to see them on the list if you desire. So in a normal browsing session, you may see a lot of connections reported, but all of them may not be active at any given moment.

Okay. But, there are always connections going from svchost.exe, sometimes there are lots of them and sometimes there is only one or two. Is this normal?