Lots of blocked intrusions from surfing in Comodo's sandbox? [merged topic]


Whenever i open firefox in the virtualized sandbox comodo is logging this as intrusions.
How do i stop this or is it intended behaviour.

This is a picture of the log.

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I have the same thing with any browser that is sandboxed, if I start Chrome outside the FV sandbox I don’t get it, if I start it inside I get it, same with Opera.

Whether or not it is intender behavior I do not know.

Hi sanya and thanks.

I cant find anywhere to exclude firefox from the HIPS.
I have excluded firefox and vrtkiosk from the BB.

Im assuming its the hips that is blocking here.I had a similar problem when i would run MBAM.
Im sure there is a way of excluding firefox but i dont recall how its done and how to do it in v6.

Read this article if this may helpful


Hello and thank you for your link…
However this is a problem with the HIPS and not the firewall.
Its getting annoying as the intrusions figure rises as i browse in the virtual sandbox.

I need a way to exclude firefox from the hips.
Its flagging firefox as accessing the memory.

This doesnt occur in the kiosk however but only in the virtual browser.
There must be a way of stopping these intrusions.


Okay the intrusion number keeps rising.
Is this normal…?


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Plus keeps logging away…
Im stumped on this one unless its normal behavour.

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I’m having the same problem with another program that I’ve used for years called Roboform. CIS just started tracking Roboform as a “blocked intrusion” as of yesterday, and the count is now up to 295 and rising. How do I tell CIS that Roboform is okay? How do I stop this from happening? ???


I am not going to anything that would cause any alerts or D+ pop ups but I just noticed that I have over 200 intrusions blocked. What could be causing this?

I surfed for 2 days in Comodo sandbox and I had over 2k intrusions blocked lol.

Please take a look and see if they are all the same program. A screenshot of the list would be very helpful.

I got some of it, its pretty much mostly Firefox. Its quite long as you can tell by the scroller. Want me to PM you the log if I can?

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That’s okay. By the way, I should mention right now that I strongly believe that these are likely normal and not indicative of a problem with your system.

However, I’m interested in knowing where they come from. Were you running the Kiosk, or anything sandboxed around this time?
Also, are you running CIS with default settings?
Do you have the HIPS enabled?

CIS is at default, I am running it from the Widget so no Kiosk just regular sandbox. HIPS is disabled I have BB set to block.

Do you still get these intrusions blocked if you run it normally and not through the widget?

No it doesn’t seem to give any out of the sandbox.

My thought is that perhaps what this is, is that it’s showing you the number of times an application tries to access the real computer, but is blocked and redirected to the virtual container. That would be my thought.

However, hopefully someone who understands the matter in greater detail can comment on whether I am correct or not.

I merged two similar topics,

According to SanyaIV this happens with every browser running sandboxed. Not sure if it is by design or a bug,

I would not worry about it. CIS is blocking and is doing what it is supposed to do. And yes, that counter keeps going up but that’s nothing to worry about. Something similar happens when a program tries to access protected files in memory. The logs will fill up with them as well… :wink:

I have tried excluding firefox every way i can and the number of intrusions still rises.
Im ok with it if its normal behaviour,but if it isnt then i would like to know how to stop this please.

Call me a knit picker but i like to have a clean bill of health on my comodo dashboard and dont want to see blocked intrusions etc.

Thank You.