Lot of young people on Comodo Forums.

Tell Me if this makes any sense.
One of the most common attacks against Comodo that you read on other forums,is that there are lot of
young people on Comodo forums.
Just a little reflection shows that this fact is very much in Comodo’s favor.
What do most young people,and some older (Moi) like to do?
Have fun!
And among those fun things are, P2P,File Shareing,massive downloading,surfing wild sites,and
of course GAMING.
Now normally who gets infected the most?
P2P-ers,file share-ers,massive downloaders,and wild side surfers.
Who is most fanatic about squeezing ever drop of performance out of their machine?
However the help with malware infection section of these forums is a pretty lonely place,
No one seems to be getting infected.
No one is complaining they cant enjoy “World Of Ruptured Spleen’s IV” because of performance hit.
So it seems to me if CIS can protect these young-guns,it is bound to do a fine jobs for the 30 something Metamucil Jocks like myself.
Make sense?

Wait wait wait…

30 counts as old??? omg…

Brother, there are days I feel quiet old.and I am not really full thirty yet.
poetic license, you know.

Oh no… you’re joking about being old and I’m older than you? It just seems like yesterday I was terrorizing my high school’s first computer network and that was… wait… 15 years ago? oh no…

Well married.with 6year old ACTIVE child.
Working on Fixer-Upper/Money Pit house…
Finding out I am not Bob Villa.

Just a tad tired I guess.

Haha,… I used to be the youngest Moderator… and user about couple years ago… Sadly other young ones join’d :slight_smile:

but thats a happy thing too


Well, seems to me young or old, you do well at a hard but much appreciated job.
I could never do it, I just like to BS too much.

Of so do I; My little friend :slight_smile:

but when I BS… but after a while i say to my self “Time to get serious” haha…


the topic title should be “lots of young dudes here, no chick” 88)

Haha, thats true …


Well there is also the odd geriatric like me to add a little balance.

(in case that is not an in word it means over 70)


I must be in the older category with the age of 40…

I won’t tell my REAL age.
But I wanna say.
I’m youngster. :wink:

Same goes for me. ;D

I give my FAKE age easily enough. 88)

LOL to your 7 years old age :slight_smile:

And my age is maybe 18! ;D

So…where is this forum anyway?
Is it AVG?
Or Symantec?

I’m 150 yrs old, don’t tell anyone!

This note just went out to 70,000 members

The big “W”. search Comodo.

In the words of the late, great Groucho Marx,

A man’s only as old as the woman he feels.

Ewen :slight_smile: