lot of error in instalation

hello guys my prob is i try to instale it but its not work

error106,error lauch…

y not wante to lauch y do not have prob in installing cpf but this not work

i have no protection a this time i going reinstalling avast until you foud soluce bye bye


CAVS is a beta and still uses the installshield installer - which there have been quite a few errors with.

I think from version 2 CAVS will use Comodo’s own installer, but I’m not sure of this.


but in a forum (libellule)(is job is to test all of type of new shareware and freeware she could installe it)but me no???why???she said that cavs is really good i wanted try it.

i have cpf and i wante cavs

(p4 3.2 windows home edition,1g ram)

Did you try reinstalling CAVS? It’s best to re-download in case it was a problem with the setup file.

Also, when reinstalling can you disable any programs that monitor and block startup or registry changes.


i try but what could interfere whit installing

(no raport but i am comodo member when i upgrade)(the next step is and when???)

It may be that some of the software (antispyware, etc) that monitor startup and registry are detecting a change and blocking it.


but i delete my spyware terminator and my avast before installing it the only thing is cpf

Ok, in that case I’m afraid I don’t know what may be causing the error message.

Can you submit this to support at http://support.comodo.com/
They can help you better than I can with this error. Also, may be good to send a link to this thread so they can see what you have already tried.

Sorry i couldn’t be much more help,

ok thank. :smiley: