Lost Vista start up sound.

Hi guys.

Since i updated to Comodo 10 (Vista 32 sp2) i noticed that i lost start up sound.

I did not a clean install (please dont tell me to do that). I’ve installed the new CFW10 (online installer) above previous one and everything gone so smootly - In yeasr of comodo, only problems i had, are been about installing/uninstalling.

Any help to have back Vista starp up sound, would be apreciated. :smiley:

I did 3 clean install: Vista start up sound still missing but (looks) i perma lost ISE.


Maybe audio service/application is crashing at startup. Not sure.

get ProcDump: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/dd996900.aspx
create folder : c:\dumps
use command : procdump -ma -i c:\dumps
restart system
check if dumps are created under c:\dumps
provide dumps (if the case)

Check if something gets sandboxed on startup and, if so, set an ignore sandbox rule for it