Lost special characters after forum upgrade. [Resolved]

Like: ??ű??ő

Can you help us out? Thx! ^^


EDIT I can only see the ű and ő letters from the above but can’t a’(á) i’(í) o’(ó) e’(é).

Hi Arki

Yep sorry, the Admin says that he’s working on it & will make an announcement… shortly… then again it might have been a blood curdling scream. :wink:

So, apologies but special characters are out for the moment… :frowning: No… ?!!

A strange thing this is…
åäö does work if you click on the edit icon to the right in your post, and change the letters that doesn’t work normally…

Ooops… let me see…

?kom-b?kom, ?rok hossz? betűkkel ide ?s őrk?d?m ?rdekes szavaimon.

Rotfl. U’re right. If i edit the msg later, it works :P!

åäöÅÄÖ™©® ;D

Oops, forgot to update this topic. Sorry.

This is now fixed… as of yesterday.