Lost printer function after cleaning

After using “Clean My Disk” and “Clean My Privacy”, I lost the printer function in MS Office Word, Publisher and Excel. I am using Office 2003 on Windows XP Pro SP3. When I try to print, a message pops up saying no printers installed on system. Printer is installed and set to defalt in the “Printer and Fax” in Windows. No problem before using the System Cleaner.

If you set CSC to save a backup, I would restore the backup(s) just before the problem. The error might have occurred because you have “Printer Spool Files” checked in CPC under the Windows tab in the System column. Also check to see if MS Office applications are present under the Applications tab an set accordingly.

I will make sure I have unchecked the printer files, the Office files, and create a backup and try again. Thanks.

You’ll probably need to restore first (provided you had Backup set in the first place). See the Settings tab in each program (CRC, CDC and CPC).

No Back-up, used SAFE-DELETE but didn’t find the problem until later :frowning:
Reinstalled printer and back online.

Glad it worked out. CRC can be aggressive. I would suggest unchecking the “Scan for unsafe entries to delete” in the CRC settings. This has also caused some people difficulty. I would go through the settings for those 3 apps and make sure you have them set to your liking.

Here’s how I have mine set up:

Comodo System Cleaner Settings:

Registry Cleaner:
Create a Backup before Cleaning registry
Show warnings
Store logs for registry Clean
Use Registry Protection
Show Scan Results after Analyze

Disk Cleaner:
All except: Unused Icons and Filter Entries
Use Safe Delete to remove files
Show warnings
Store logs for Disk Clean
Show Scan Results after Analyze
Backup files before Cleaning

Privacy Cleaner:
Internet Explorer:
Recent Url
Error list
Application log files
Media Player History
Media Player Playlist
Memory dumps
ChkDsk fragments
Common: Run History
Find file history
Show warnings
Store logs for Privacy Cleaner
Use Safe Delete/Registry Protection
Show Scan Results after Analyze
Backup files before Cleaning

Hope this helps. :wink:


Well, it looks like the fault lies with CIS Defense +. I noticed another app that was not responding. I disabled D+ and the printer and the other app work fine. There are probably other seldom used apps that are affected. I will post on the D+ forum.

Hey L.A.R. Grizzly. I had taken CSC off of my system due to so many flaws, but then decided to try it again. I set the settings up as you have them listed, did a power clean, it rebooted, and everything seemed okay. I had kept media player checked, so it wiped out my playlist files. No big deal, I got those back. Then the next day , I wanted to run it again, and in the start menu where it was listed, there was no Comodo System Cleaner to click on and start. I thought I’ll go into control panel and uninstall it that way, and it wasn’t listed in there either. I think I’m still gonna wait until it gets to be more stable.