Lost Network Status Icons from "notifcation area"/tray

After installation and a bit of configuring, I’ve noticed the Network icons showing which networks I’m connected too no longer show next to the time in system tray. As someone who uses a lot of VPNS this is a pain.
Any ideas?



Are you sure they’re just not ‘hidden’? The system notification area does hide icons by default after a period of inactivity. Also, you can double check in the network connections area to see if they’re running and weren’t set to only show when there’s a limited or no connection.

Sure - I always untick the “Hide icons…” option. Also when I connect to a new VPN it doesn’t show it - quite a problem if I leave multiple VPN’s open.



Did you check in the network connections area to see if they’re there? If not, you may have disabled the NLA (Network Location Awareness) service. To double check, click START, RUN, then type in

and hit enter or click ok. Scroll down to the letter N (they’re arranged in alphabetical order) and see whether the service is running or not. If it isn’t or is disabled, set it to either manual or automatic. It will still start upon reboot when in manual mode. Reboot and see if things have smoothed out for you.

Well, the service was running but the reboot sounded like a good option - hey presto it’s showing them again!

Oldest trick in the book and I missed it!

Thanks for your help.




You’re welcome. Glad that I could help (:LGH) Sometimes, the simple things escapes us all.