Lost my lan connection after update [RESOLVED]

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I’ve been using the previous version until some moments ago with no problemas at all. Still, I decided to update, so I uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one. As soon as I installed this version, the other computer on this lan and this one stopped seeing each other. What can I do to make them see each other again?
I remember when I installed Comodo for the first time I didn’t have this problem. The computers would see each other with no problems at all, but as soon as I installed this version, they just stopped seeing each other.

Thanks in advance.

Use the Stealth Port Wizzard to set how your network can be seen or not. Go to Main screen → Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Port Wizzard → now set to Define a trusted network.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. What else can I do? I’ve read in some other forums, that when you uninstall Comodo it messes up with your network causing the exact same problem I have. Is there a way to fix that?

Do you have the LAN set up as a “My Network Zone”

If not got to Firewall/My network zones/click ADD/A new network zone
Give this a name/Apply
Highlight where it says add address here and choose “Edit”
Enter the IP`s you want trusting/Apply to close windows
Now got to the “Stealth Ports Wizard” top box should be checked,click next
From the drop down menu choose your new zone/Finish
You should get the message your Firewall has been configured accordingly.
Now look under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy where you should have 2 new “Global Rules” and 2 “Application Rules/under system”


Well it was all my fault. It turns out it was all caused by the fact that I dectivated Netbios over TCP/IP. It turns out I did that at the same time I updated Comodo so I always associated the problem with Comodo.

Anyways, it is solved now. Thanks a lot for your replies.

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