Lost "my computer" folder layout theme when I ran Comodo Sys Cleaner [Solved]

Just installed and ran Comodo Sys Cleaner 1.1.64941.33 with registry protection on and lost the way “my computer” theme is viewed in XP. Tried changing the view to "icons/thumbnails/tiles…but I lost the original XP display of this folder after cleaning. The theme now is very generic. How do I get it back to orig XP view?
Win XP SP3
32 bit
Avira Antivir
PcTools Firewall Pro

OK…I figured out how to fix it.
right click /my computer/
click /properties/
click /advanced/
click /performance/
click /settings/
click /adust for best appearence/…(was “let windows decide”)
icons in “my computer” went back to orig view-groups-types

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