Lost my audio... [Resolved]

Hey guys, time for me to post a help request :).

Ok, as the topic title already explains, I lost my audio after the downgrade from Vista to XP. I’ve installed the latest drivers, used driver updater software. And used my cd to try to repair it. I’ve read most sites using Google about this problem but it didn’t work…


  • no security software yet…
  • XP service pack 3
  • used Driver Magician

Audio : STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio from Sigmatel…

Could you please help me out with this as I find it really annoying (especcially when playing shooter games ;D)

Thx in advance


Try putting it into another pci slot and let Windows find it again. Thats an idea.

  1. ok, here is were my knowledge stops :). I’ve a laptop, so this is going to be a bit harder no ?

Do you know any site were there are some info about it 88) (should change my name to noob ;D)


For a laptop, if you haven’t already: Go to device manager and uninstall the card, then reboot and you should get the “found new hardware” that will let you go out to the internet and find a driver. Good luck; ed.

  1. lol, sded, that would be the 20th time I will do that… sadly it’s not working. Anyway, found another driver here, will try it again,

see ya in some minutes…


Next step is to hound the vendor if that doesn’t work. :slight_smile: Or see if they have another (foreign) website with drivers - like a .tw or .ch -they often have different stuff.

Or just upgrade to Vista again… Well, I’ll try a bit further and see if it works out or not… Otherwise I’ll downgrade again ;).
Oh yeah, didn’t work btw



I’ve got my driver to work now… I’ve registered to driverguide and they posted some extra tool also. And it seems that that did it. I’ll upload it also, so that other members who could have problems can download it to…

Topic locked as it is resolved, and as I am a mod, I need to open it myself >:(

Guys, all of you, thx for your help (:HUG)