Lost internet connection

Hey everyone:

When I reinstall Comodo Firewall and reconfigure my Network Monitor so that I have this list in that order:

ICMP Out Allow
ICMP In Block
IP out allow
IP in Block

But I lost internet connection afterwards. Its strange cause I have always use that setting for three months and no problem with internet. Only when I re-install Comodo that when i reconfigure the Network Monitor that I lost internet. I unistall and reinstall Comodo again and left the default settings and everything was fine but I don’t understand why I lost internet when I change the settings. I’m using the latest updated Comodo firewall with Windows XP SP2. :-[


Can you post a screenshot of your network monitor rules please? Let us verify them.


Of course, here it is:


As long as TCP/UDP OUT ANY ANY rule exists, you should not have any connection problems because of the network monitor. But f you dont have this rule, you wont because the last rule will block everything except those match the rules before it.