Lost internet access after install

I installed comodo firewall yesterday. I have a home wired/wireless network attached to a netgear router. After installing I completely lost my internet connection.

I have followed the instructions in the manual for adding a new trusted network using IP range which covers all the computers in my network. My router is using DHCP for this range.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a tutorial somewhere about setting up home networks?

I have uninstalled comodo and resorted to Zone Alarm which works fine with my network.

I’d like to try Comodo as it appears more secure.



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Did you had zonealarm uninstalled before trying comodo? CFP often conflicts with other firewalls. Uninstall Zonealarm and try CFP again. :wink:

I uninstalled Zone Alarm and checked windows firewall was off before installling. Comodo effectively blocked me from my computer.