Lost folders in comodo

Hi there,

I could not find the possible right forum therefore I post my problem here;
I did download a lot of stuff when I was browsing in comodo sandbox mode to a folder called good download. My problem is that this folder is accessible only when I am in sandbox mode and I can not copy them to another folder or drive where I can have an access outside sandbox/comodo mode. Therefore I can not use any of my downloaded staff. Can anyone please help me by describing how I can access to these folders when I am not in comodo sandbox mode or just how to copy them to an internal HD when I am not in sandbox mode?

Thenk you fopr your help.


There are a couple of ways you could deal with this.

First way is to go into sandboxed program or sandboxed explorer.exe and move the files to the Shared Space (this folder is basically an exclusion to the sandbox) These files are then available to the host system through the Shared Space folder and once there you can move them to other folders through an unsandboxed applications.

Second way is to browse through the hidden "C:\VTRoot" folder for the files.