Lost Email & Favorites

For some reason, system restore stopped working for me so I was glad to find CTM.

I had a slight problem, and had to do a CTM restore today (March 6) back to Feb 19. All of my emails in Incredimail from Feb 19 until today are now gone. Also, my Firefox bookmarks since that date are no longer there.

Does anyone know if there is a way to retrive these?


Hi dyanne2,
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I think CTM should have offered to take a “current snapshot”, at the time of the restore.
So if you did let it do that snapshot.

You can Open CTM > Advanced
Find that snapshot from the time of restore.
Right click and select to mount that snapshot.
In the Mount Mode Select window leave it set to the default first option Read Only (Safer).
Choose OK

A small “drive” icon should appear in your Taskbar. Double clicking it will open a window
with the Snapshot of the drive as a Folder.

Cruise the folder, copy the files and folders you want to recover. Back to where you like.
When done Right click the "drive " icon and select Dismount.
Close CTM, and Bob’s yer uncle. :smiley:


Thanks Bad, you make it sound so easy. I have no idea where to even find the files I need or where to copy them. I browsed through all of the folders etc, but I’m lost.

I have also been getting popups saying that explorer.exe and something else is corrupt since I used CTM to do the restore. I ran the chkdsk and supposedly I fixed that, but just got the notice again. Is this at all related? Should I uninstall CTM? I see where some people had their PC’s turn into zombies. Kinda scares me. :o

Where’s uncle “Bob” when ya need him? lol


I thought you knew what you were after, and just needed a rundown to get at it.

Specifically you need to know which file Incredimail stores your mail in. ATM I don’t know that.

The Firefox bookmarks location depends on OS - Windows Vista and 7 location follows.

Also… another way to do this is to just go to the location normally in windows explorer.
Right click the file places.sqlite and select to Synchronize.

Then from the window that pops up select the restore point you want to use to Synchronize with.

The same would apply to the mail file once identified.

On the other issues, I would say don’t get scared and try to uninstall CTM while things are not settled.
Defrag or check disk actions, may corrupt restore points or cause strange behavior due to disk space issues.

First try to get your bookmarks and mail, and then once you have worked out any other kinks.
And you are satisfied things are OK.
Then I would delete your snapshots, let CTM defrag itself, and reset the Baseline snapshot.
Let it go through the reboots and chewing away.
Now at this point (with a fresh Baseline snapshot) you know that CTM isn’t corrupted.
So it should be safe to do a normal uninstall. But why?

In the big scheme of things the number of people with the “scary” problem is very, very small.
And there is a lot of wondering what is it, that is up with their systems or something they may have done not fully understanding the implications, with other software.
As yet there hasn’t been enough useful information IMO shared to pinpoint the problem.
This could change at any moment, as the devs have acknowledged something, will be in the next update that may sort some of them out.
So, sadly there are a few very frustrated people.


Here is a link that will help with all the Firefox stuff. Passwords, History’s etc.

Thanks again for your reply Bad…I appreciate it. I’m gonna try what you suggested on my next day off, when I have the time to do it step by step and carefully. I really don’t know much about pc’s, especially files. (This PC has XP Pro by the way.)

I really liked how easy it was to restore with CTM. I guess I was just used to system restore, where it didn’t bother my favs or email programs.

I really don’t want to uninstall it, because I can see the value in it. I know that I don’t have much space left either, because this pc is over 4 years old and only has an 80GB hard drive. I just tend to get a bit paranoid when I read about others who had their pc’s rendered useless. (I’d probably be the one to make the wrong move to do exactly that)

Thanks again for your help! :wink:

I just got the time to work on restoring some files…better late than never. I finally got the files restored into one of the programs that I asked about. I used the rt click, then restore method, it was a lot easier than I thought. I was afraid that it would duplicate what was already there, but it just overwrote them. I tend to make things worse than they are sometimes. :-[ Now I have to fine the other ones. I can see how this program can be a life-saver.

I just want to thank you for your help again, bad…it is appreciated!