Lost border in new

Downed and installed today on XP Pro SP3 Firefox 3.0.6
I might have blown a reg key somewhere.
Uninstalled old version first.
Cleaned reg. several times while doing some “Stuff”.
Installed and no colored borders, checked width and color settings.
I can see the screen edges flicker but no color change.

Subsequent attempts to Repair Install generates messages about installer already running.

So the question is. Is it just me? and some blown keys? or is there something else under the hood?

Works for you, yes? TIA

Thank you for the feedback.

There can we several solutions:

  1. try to increase border size from VE options dialog (right button mouse click on the VE tray icon and select Options) and move the slider on the “Thick” direction.

If that doesn’t help try
2) completly uninstall VE, reboot and install again.

If both solutions doesn’t help please send a screenshot.

Kind regards,

OK uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

What is the deal with New feature - Transparent border
Is that what I’m seeing Not.
I don’t see any settings for transparent border.

I do see the Colored Text at top center and the border area flickers.
But No color, browser full screen or not has no effect.


Could you move the slider in the options dialog to increase border width (move it to “Thick” position). That should help.

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Have tried all positions, and it actually changes the thickness of the area that flickers.
Like it should but still no color.

Can you please make a screenshot when it flickers?

I can’t catch it in a screen cap.

The best way I can describe it is, A clear/transparent overlay exactly covering the area that should be colored.
I can even adjust thickness.

What border color do you have?

The default nasty green,

Can you test if you have the same in IE, please.
Here is what you can to to make a screenshot:

  1. open IE with www.google.com
  2. move mouse on the google logo - border should appear
  3. press PrintScreen button, or Alt + PrintScreen (to get screenshot of an active window)

Same results IE.

I know how to get a screen cap, but can’t photograph a ghost flicker.

Is the problem with catching the border happen because border appears and disappears in several second?
If yes - try to open https web page. Border is shown on https pages untill you move the mouse.

If I leave the mouse on icon there is nothing to see, just the green text at top center.
Only when i move mouse off of icon, in that instant there is a flicker where border should have been.

Can you hook me up with a link to old version, maybe.

When you move the mouse out of the icon border has to disapear, so don’t expect it to be shown.
Can you make a screenshot when mouse in on the icon and green text is shown in the middle, please. That will help us a lot.

Old version is not longer available. Sorry.

Did you install VE on your PC and accessing it directly, or do you use VMWare or RDP or any other remote access tools?

I don’t expect it to be shown when I take the mouse off the icon.
I am just telling you that’s the only time It can be seen is in that instantaneous flicker.

Yes no VM or any weirdness. Straight install.

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Thank you for the information!
The stangest is that VE shouldn’t verify www.google.ca.
Can you try how does it work on https://www.paypal.com, please.

installed ve right now. its there in startup and control panel and working i.e showing the green border. but its not there in the taskbar and everytime i open ie or firefox ve setup wizard window appears. why so and what should i do?? when i installed it, it said installation successfully completed and click the finish button. then whats this setup wizard and what should i do??

Hi Naren.
Can you please tell me the names of exe files that you have in Program Files/Comodo/VEngine folder.

Kind regards,

OK here’s screencap.

[attachment deleted by admin]

verificationengine_ff3, vengine, vengineie32.dll, verificationengine.xpi, verificationengine_ff3.xpi, xmllite.dll