Lost all my firewall settings after updating, please HELP!

Can anyone tell me how i can roll back and get all my settings back? PLEASE! praying there is a way to do this.

I have used Version 5.1 for yrs as i felt it was the best version as previous attempts to update(over 1yr ago) gave me some new platform which looked nothing like my old firewall and could not find any of the settings i previously had so i stuck with the old version blocking updates(although i noticed how the tick box for the updates gets re-ticked every time i untick it!) but i blocked updates in the firewall.

Anyway i just decided to update after yrs of using the old one, i did a system restore just before i clicked UPDATE incase of probs and found after the update i lost maybe 4yrs worth of hard work setting up my firewall and it had literally hundreds of hours put into all the various settings over the years with some very complex configurations setup for VPN and P2P which took me a lifetime to work out. I am now left with a blank canvass. :-
I tried a system restore and i seem to now have my old 5.1 version back but all my settings are gone!

Can anyone make any suggestions on how i might get them back?
It’s going to take me literally weeks to put everything back all due to updating! :o(

Hoping there may just be a fix or deleted files i could restore on the PC somewhere?? does anyone know where such files might reside on the disc, i have utilities to restore deleted files if i knew where to look and what to look for.
Any help really appreciated.

:slight_smile: OMG!! i am sooooo HAPPY! i got them back saving me literally weeks of work.
I noticed in a post while searching on here about how to backup your firewall settings which said to go to “Manage my configurations” so i was just having a look and noticed out of 3 profiles listed, internet, firewall and proactive security, only internet was listed as ACTIVE, so i activated firewall and bob’s your uncle ;D 2 weeks of research and nightmare saved as thats how long it would have taken me to fix im sure. I’m gonna be keeping a secure copy of this file in several locations in future and am now too scared to ever update again!!

One thing i do notice about Comodo though, i have my firewall/defense pop up evertime my PC does something basically, i set rules of course but a prime example is when using a video editor and clicking the import video button i get the firewall pop up asking whether to allow explorer to open, i click deny yet the explorer window still opens fine, i can repeat this exercise with many other tasks, i deny yet commodo does not seem to block any of it, it makes me wonder whether the software is doing anything when it comes to the PC defense part?

I was always very reluctant to update from version 5.1XXXX (Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software | Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10)(looks similar to this one)because when i last tried i ended up with some alien looking platform which looked nothing like the previous version and had no fine settings which V5.1 had, i like to be able to fine tune my firewall but the newer versions appeared to be something that ran in the background which i could not get control of myself so i gave up on the newer versions. I’m not sure what the most recent FREE firewall is like but 5.1 was the last i could find which allowed me to actually control my PC for some reason without having to have the rest of the stuff installed with it.

Maybe someone can put my mind and rest and tell me that the firewall in the latest version still uses the same client and has same options and will let me keep my settings and who knows i may just try again if i can be convince V5.1 is not good.