lost all files during backup session

Hi there,

Last week I created a clone of my external hdd onto an internal hdd which I recently put into my computer. However, after doing so, my internal hdd disappeared from my computer and a way bigger problem became the fact that from only 20% of my files remained on my external hdd. I lost all my music, my photos and my .pst file got corrupted.

Has anyone any ideas on how to recover my lost files?

Thanks already


What file system did the external hdd had?
If it was FAT/FAT32 and “backup all sectors” option in backups step 4 was left to default (unchecked), this might be the cause of the problem.
The only way to recover lost files is to get them from external hdd, if they still exist.


it is fat and the option was left unchecked unfortunately… i can still see the folder names, however not the way they are supposed to be and only 32k big. Any suggestion on good recovery software?

You could try ReclaiMe 2.0