Lost all bookmarks

I have just switched on my PC and discovered that half my bookmarks have disappeared, as have the tabs at the top of my web pages. I received a message reference boc423.exe and no longer have comodo cleaner on my taskbar. Any advice appreciated. I am using Firefox 2…0

If you go to c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\boc423, see if there is a Report there. It may be that BOC intercepted something nasty and a problem has ensued. If so, there should be a report; in that case, copy and paste the text from the report here.


Thanks for the reply. I opened documents and settings, but cannot see a folder or file named application data. (:SAD)

Why are you still using 4.23, instead of upgrading to 4.24?


Didn’t know there was an upgrade. Will do that now. :slight_smile:

Just tried to uninstall BOClean and get the following messages:
Comodo BOClean has encountered a problem and needs to close, etc.

Error Signature: AppName: unboc.exe Appver: Modname: unboc.exe Modver: offset 00005992
Made 2 attempts, but won’t uninstall. Is it OK to download and install the new version in accordance with the instructions on the download page?

This is a bug with only the 4.23 version. Use the uninstaller from the BOClean program group on the start menu.

Read also this :

If you're REPLACING an existing version of BOClean, then you'll want to [b]first double-click the traybar icon and click "Shutdown BOClean" on the button menu [/b] which appears. Then UNINSTALL the earlier BOClean from the BOClean program group on the start menu, or from the Windows control panel's "add/remove programs." BOClean should appear on the list. [b]If your previous BOClean cannot be uninstalled, then go ahead and install the 4.24 version, then UNINSTALL it, and then finally install it again.[b]

From here : http://www.comodo.com/boclean/supboc.html#bocinstall

Greetz, Red.

Thanks, Red. A bit confused, here. I’ve installed the new version twice, but can’t seem to uninstal anything. Keep getting the ‘encountered problem’ message. I think I still have the old version running, but how do I identify it? Can’t see a build number.

To view it you have to enable viewing hidden folders thru the Control Panel.
Open the control panel, click on folder options. Then from the general tab, go to ‘view’ or something. Then it’ll say something about ‘Hidden files and folders’ as a sub category and check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ instead of ‘Don’t show hidden files or folders’, then go to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC423.
I’m not sure about all names in Control Panel, as I’m using Swedish XP Pro, but you should be able to find it out I hope.

To get build number, open Control Panel, then Add/remove programs and find BOClean. Then click something that says something about support information if you can find it, tho it’s not always it says.

Look with the Windows Taskmanager to the processes running. If you uninstalled 4.23 and after that installed 4.24 there should be a BOC424.EXE and a BOCore.exe running and no other BOC processes.

Greetz, Red.

P.S. I am probbably offline untill tomorrow, so maybe LM or ~cat~ can jump in :slight_smile: