Loss of SPTD Driver after last update

Once again my system gets ■■■■■■■ up from comodo doing an update! You have caused me to loose my activation License from Deamon tools and since I was using a “GiveAwayofTheDay” version I now have to Pay the $60 dollar fee! I can also no longer use my AlcoholSoft 120% because your update canned the SPTD Driver and refuses to allow a new install of it! I have installed and uninstalled and installed but the two Daemon and Alcohol refuse to see the driver(Both new v1.74 and old (Original v1.69)). Thanks again!

Sorry you are having this problem.

This FAQ here will help you with Daemon tools, Alcahol is a known issue for which we apologise.

I will transfer you to help so you can get more assistance if necessary.

Best wishes