Loss of Internet Connection After Update to [RESOLVED]

After updating to this new version I got a message about my settings had changed and did I want to allow them. Clicked yes and now I’ve lost my internet connection and the new version doesn’t seem to have installed. It still shows and the System Status tells me it’s not working properly and do I want to fix it. Click yes and it tells me it found problems and corrected them and to reboot. After reboot I get the same message, my desktop populates very slowly and I still have the same old version 15.277 and no internet connection. I get the Limited or No connectivity message.

It seems to be stuck in a loop always returning to the old version. How do I get my internet connection back? I’m using my backup system which is very slow.

I looked around for the old version but can’t download it anymore. Something is wrong. Please help.

I did as you suggested and I’m back online now. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks very much for the quick response.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Uninstall 3.0.15 and install the new 3.0.16. Something went wrong during the update.