Loss of internet access when I block clicksor.com

I just installed comodo, when I add clicksor to my blocked network zones, I loose all net access. The reason why I want to block this is because when I do a netstat -a (i’m running xp) I find several connections.

TCP Steve:2573 www.clicksor.com:2574 ESTABLISHED
TCP Steve:2574 www.clicksor.com:2573 ESTABLISHED
TCP Steve:2575 www.clicksor.com:2576 ESTABLISHED
TCP Steve:2576 www.clicksor.com:2575 ESTABLISHED
TCP Steve:2626 www.clicksor.com:12080 ESTABLISHED

this is an example.

This would appear to be related to my hosts file, and clicksor happens to be first on the list, when I deleted that entry, the next one appeared on my netstat -a so that looks like its showing false information.


Seems like your pc is infected with adware. Based on the fact that if you put it in blocked zones you lose all connectivity it’s possible that it is acting as a proxy for all you web traffic.
Do you have any antivirus/spyware scanners installed updated and ran lately ?

Have you tested an other domain in the blocked network zones to see if you can still surf ?