Losing time

I suppose i am going, altough no one seems to care, to write this same topic twice a year:
starting in France last sunday in October, time moves from CEST to CET.

All EEC countries are concerned by daylight saving time as an european directive

altough eastern european countries and UK abide by the same mechanism with other time standards (concerning UK, it is a well known fact that the Subjects of Her Most Gracious Majesty shall never know how to measure whatever in other people way)

But could someone explain me why, while every country does the job and even whatever Microsoft OS, altough american, automatically does the same since decades, Comodo forum does not?

I care.
See if this helps:

Profile->Look And Layout Preferences->

Time Offset:
Number of hours to +/- to make displayed time equal to your local time.
(auto detect)
Try experimenting until you get your time result…

I wouldn’t have said anything if the “auto detect” item had worked: it only leads me to the current forum default time (7:59) whereas “mine” says 13:59.

The only way to have my local time set correct is to manually set “+6” instead of “+7” (and the same manipulation the other way in 6 months).

Not a very big deal, i agree, but the forum should know better then that…

Autodetect worked for me, are you sure you’re not using something that blocks forum code, like javascript or activex blocker?
What browser do you have?
I am using SRWare Iron 7.0 with no problems…

FF3.6 with No Script, but i tried again, making sure to allow everything from No Script: same result, the relevant area shows “NaN”, and next “0” when validating the profile.

Did you refresh [F5]the page after disabling NoScript and tried again? :-TU

Same results again…

Can you try using different browser, like IE/Chome with no addons and try again?
If it works, mozilla firefox is at fault.
If it doesn’t work, double check control panel-> regional and language options or something like that → location
Make sure it is set to france [I assume you are there at this time] and try again…


Just set +6 and forget… O0

This section is for issues like this where might get more coverage:

Just set +6 and forget....


Maybe not worth to lose still more time with alternate browsers then to set to +6/+7 twice a year, but still not an understandable behavior…

At least we are all alive and happy, right? :wink:
Health is the most important thing, second after money and women! :-TU