Losing protection on Program Files folders on Windows 7

I just noticed today that my Program Files folders are no longer UAC protected meaning I can delete or modify any file in it without having to enter admin password even when I use the account of a standard user.

Just to confirm is there a way to fix this in Windows 7?

Or the folders are not originally UAC(password protected) in Windows 7? If not I may have been hacked [again after awhile] and just a matter of time until my PC is totally crashed. Same old people if that’s the case, same old bastards…

Anyone is this normal on Windows 7? Not having the Program Files folders to be password protected?

Installation and everything else still require UAC elevation but not when accessing the Program Files folders.

I have run sfc /scannow with elevated privilege and found nothing wrong.

I used to be hacked on periodical basis like a clockwork, a time even once every week that crashed my PC requiring complete reinstallation and cost me my Vista disc which cracked due to pulling and inserting from the box due to reinstallation.

AH I think I may have been a bit paranoid. I cannot delete any file from the related folders, viewing is okay though. Except for that steam folder. I can delete and modify files in steam folder.

False alarm I guess.