Losing my Confidence w/ COMODO, Please Help me Build it Back

According to the AV Test Labs> Test antivirus software for Windows 10 - December 2022 | AV-TEST Windows Defender proved better then COMODO & most others. That disappointed me greatly. I had a lot of confidence with CIS you guys were @ 100% several years ago. From that time on, that percentage went down which was very disconfidencing. Then, when I saw the AV Test Labs result, that made me lose a lot more of my confidence w/ CIS. Now I’m using Windows Defender w/ it’s own Firewall.

But I think you guys can help me rebuild my confidence in CIS by answering these questions:
CIS vs Windows Defender
#1. (CIS in General) If you guys think CIS is still better then Windows Defender, then what does CIS do that Windows Defender doesn’t do?

#2. (CIS Firewall) What does COMODO Firewall do that Windows Firewall doesn’t do?

If you guys can please help me rebuild my PC Security confidence in COMODO Internet Security & it’s Firewall by answering these questions, I’d be greatly appreciated.

These tests are unpredictable and far to many people rely on them to much I believe. Having said that, the last time CIS got a less than perfect protection score was in August 2017 if you look back at those tests. It’s been perfect ever since.

As a Windows 10 Home user I still believe Comodo is far better than a lot of the other products out there. Windows defender and all the rest of them rely on signature and behaviour analysis solely though some of the products have brought in some sandboxing but it’s Comodo’s Containment which stops anything bad and even tests going back as ar as August 2016 CIS got a perfect score against 0-day. It’s fantastic particularly when tweaked, just look at the youtube videos, mainly CIS vs ransomeware and CruelSister’s configuration.

Containment. Sure, Windows Defender ATP includes sandboxing but it’s only available to Pro and Enterprise Win 10 users and it’s quite limited in it’s sandbox capabilities. Avast Pro has sandboxing as well but limited configuration options.

Use what you want but I used to change every time some new test came out and I always find myself coming straight back. I can’t wait to see what the next major release brings which is more focused on performance which will bring the rest of those scores back to perfect 6s.


Thanks Eric, that’s a start, does any else have anythings else to add?

Protected_PC- In an attempt to answer you:

1). “what does CIS do that Windows Defender doesn’t do?”- Windows Defender is essentially just a definition based anti-malware application, and as such will be ineffective against true zero day malware (stuff for which no definition exists. It is also sub-optimal against scriptors in spite of the addition of AMSI.

As Eric has stated, Comodo has a breathtakingly wonderful automatic sandbox, and a firewall with OUTBOUND detection, which leads me to your second point:

2). What does COMODO Firewall do that Windows Firewall doesn’t do? Having a firewall- any firewall- that has Outbound connection detection is ESSENTIAL!!! As an example, please view this quick video regarding a keylogger (note that Windows Firewall in addition to BitDefender was enabled in this test):

Now the ways that Comodo would handle the same:

Hope this helps!

Thanks cruelsister. I have COMODO installed but I would still like to see more comments to keep my confidence constructing back up if you Moderators don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I would also like to see a comment from the CEO if he doesn’t mind sharing a comment. :slight_smile:

I’m no expert, but the general focus in the industry (and in the testing labs I believe) is still on detection. The ‘best’ AV is the one that detects the most malware.

But that’s NOT what you need.

What you need is a security product that prevents malware from infecting your PC. It doesn’t matter whether it detects it or not and it doesn’t matter even whether it knows that the malware is there. What matter is only that the malware doesn’t affect your PC. CIS achieves that through its ‘default deny’ approach.

Built around containment, default deny means that every process that isn’t explicitly allowed (via your rules or the CIS whitelists) runs in containment. There the malware can do what it likes, but it cannot affect your PC. This gives you true zero-day protection.

Detection (what the tests are doing) doesn’t protect you anywhere near as well as containment (which is what CIS does).

My 2 cents: CIS is the swiss army knife of security, it offers not only a Sandbox based on Virtualization of File System, Registry Keys and COM Interfaces, but Access Restrictions on different levels (Partially Limited, Limited, Restricted, Untrusted) + a powerfull HIPS component that is stronger than Kaspersky’s Application Control according to the old Matousec tests. You can even configure Comodo as some sort of Anti-executable/Lockdown software and customize its whitelists.

Windows Defender simply can’t compare to that.

In the latest AV-Test.org test CIS blocked 100% of malware infections.

CIS has continued to do so for every AV-Test.org test from version 10 onwards.

If 100% protection results aren’t enough for you, then maybe Comodo CIS isn’t for you.

COMODO is for me in Windows but the question that boggles me is this> https://forums.comodo.com/general-discussion-off-topic-anything-and-everything/comodos-security-vs-linux-security-t124777.0.html;msg891004#new

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Protection = 100%, that’s what matters to me. You can comodo configure as EricJH mentioned. I don’t rely on such a test (which I did long before). Comodo protected me all the time - at no time I had problems:

well, cis is great… I blve that cis is the best security suite for users who wants protection without much trouble… BUT!!!

but, these days, the problems cis is facing are making it the worst… the bugs we always complain in this forum and are not getting solved are making the great things from cis get less importance and all the cons are making the pros fade away…

today im not intended to have an internet security that slows down my computer, or that spikes my cpu load… even if its the best security suite…

anyway, i still keep using cis and recomending it, but im afraid that maybe this is going to change anytime soon… hoping for the next release to solve atleas the spikes in cpu and ram usage…

The upcoming releases will be fixing bugs.

Comodo lost several good people (i.e. Umesh) and it seems the owner himself is more focus on other businesses (Melih’s last post was on March the 2nd).
CIS is still good, but since Windows 10 has come out, Comodo nave not been able to keep the pace with the OS updates


#1- CIS has a more informative phylosophy for the user
#2- CIS firewall in custom mode informs the user with ease
#3- CIS is not designed to let everything pass like WD

Here some “good news” about comodo:


Prevent most of the cyber attacks and malware which can steal your private data stored on your computer, give hackers unauthorized access to your computer, financial and personal information. Malware arising from the internet can hold your system as a hostage and demand money, secretly gather sensitive information about your computing habits, internet activity, and keystrokes, etc. You can protect yourself from all of these threats with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security.

Breakthrough technology isolates your browser inside a secure container which cannot be hacked, tracked or viewed by malware or internet thieves.

And in this magazin you can read very bad news, too. But I don’t me worry about it because of my experiences with comodo.
But here good news:

Read Review:

Secure Shopping
With the basic Comodo antivirus, you can enter a Virtual Desktop to protect your sensitive activities. Processes in the regular desktop can’t interfere or even see processes running in the Virtual Desktop. Processes in the Virtual Desktop can’t make any permanent changes to the system. If you run a sketchy program and it misbehaves, you just empty the containment system to negate its actions.

Melih is still active and posts almost daily at Comodo Enterprise Forums.

That’s exactly what I meant. Enterprises and not home users

Given Comodo is now focusing on securing corporate environments, it’s understandable that Melih might not be as active here as in the past. Yes, it would be nice from Melih to come here once in a while and keep us updated, but in the end the corporate users are going to provide Comodo the major part of it’s revenue. At least the home products are still receiving updates and Comodo employees are still active here providing us new infos about updates. Yes, there are problems with bugs, glitches, etc. and that also applies to corporate users. Comodo will probably solve those problems sooner or later, otherwise they will get smashed by the competitors.