Losing internet connection...doesn't seem to renew IP address

I already tried disabling the feature Do Protocol Analysis in CFP as advised in the FAQ. It didn’t help. I don’t think it is renewing the IP address because when I go into the CFP summary page my IP address and subnet mask are all zeros.

I’m getting kicked off my wireless connection about once an hour. THIS IS WAY BAD WHEN I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXAM FOR MY ONLINE CLASS.

PLEASE help. I have posted before and no one responded. I am about ready to uninstall CFP and find a new firewall.

Welcome to the forum (:HUG)

How is set your network enviroment? Have you tried to define your trusted zone through the wizard?

Yes…like 3 times, just to be sure. I also scanned for know apps and disabled monitor DNS queries, which were fixes I had found on the board. No luck. I also set up a rule for svchost. Nothing has worked. I am running Windows XP, and had had Zone Alarm until it became corrupted and locked up my computer. The computer repair place removed ZA and left me with only the Windows Firewall, so I installed CFP. I seriously think I need to uninstall, because I CAN’T keep getting kicked off when I am doing exams for my online course. My instructor won’t keep resetting it for me.

I hope that you have run the wizard after aquiring the IP from the server. If you run it when you are not connectd it will not work.

ZA leaves a lot of files behind during uninstallation. If there are left-overs they can conflict with comodo.

What other security apps do you have? Do you have Kaspersky antivirus? Because it conflicts with CFP and loosing Internet connection is one of the problems if they are installed together.

Yes, I was connected…ZA was removed by professionals, and no I don’t have Kaspersky, I have AVG. Never mind, no one seems able to help me and I can’t go on like this. I will uninstall and find something better.

Thanks anyway.