losing internet connection after installig CPF [Resolved]

tried to install CPW everything went ok until i was asked to restart my pc.
i was unable to reach the internet anymore. the only way to restore the acces to internet was to completely deinstall CPF.
I read on this forum that many users encountered the very same problem and none of them got a solution to resolve it.
I also received a ticket from the helpdesk the only answer was to upgrade the latest versio which i did with the same bad result.
What is going wrong with CPF?
using Windows XP Pro Avast anti virus and Sygate pers firewall deactivated when trying to use CPF

How did you deactivate Sygate? Disabling Sygate’s process & service is not sufficient. You must also disable the driver… which I believe may be problematical (because I think it protects itself).

problems seem to be resolved since I did remove Sygate Pers Firew completely from my PC including the registry components.
It looks everything is working normal now including CPF and I am happy on the internet now.
It appears that disabling Sygate is not sufficient indeed.
Sorry for the troubles


Yes just disabling a firewall and installing another will still cause conflicts which is what you experienced. Of course it is possible the conflict could have been much worse if you had both Firewalls active at the same time. It is always best to completely uninstall the firewall you are using then install the new firewall so that you can try them without running into problems.

Anyway, glad you were able to solve your problem I will go ahead and mark this topic as [Resolved].