Losing Internet Connection After Denying Application

When I get a pop up from CPF to allow/deny an Application which I decide to deny I lose my in Internet connection and have to close/reopen IE7 to get back on line. As you can appreciate this is most frustrating especially if I am on a web site that requires a log in. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening?

Hi humberland.

Loss of connectivity in this situation is going to depend on exactly what you have denied. So we will need a few more details please.

Hi Toggie, Its when I want to open Word or another Office application while I am on line that I get a pop up telling me that the software wants to connect to the Internet or that an allowed application wants to change its application path/parent application. I have a few for known applications such as msimn.exe wanting to connect this way when I have tried to open. Does this make sense?

Just to add to the above.

If I block the applications I do not want to connect to the internet I still get pop-ups as the blocked applications still try to connect via svchost.exe through OLE automation.