Losing All Settings

I’ve noticed a few times with Comodo that all of my settings get lost; all Defence+ exceptions, all my Network rules, etc. I searched the forum, couldn’t find anything. The first few times, I thought it was just something odd happening, and didn’t concern myself too much; this time, I’d actually customized the firewall somewhat, so it’s rather aggravating. I’m running on XP SP3, with version 3-point-something-or-other. I just updated to that version from another 3.x series version of CFP.

The last thing I remember doing before it messed up was clearing cookies in Firefox; soon after, Defence+ decided to start warning me about system files again, and all my settings were lost… all the global network control rules, all the individual rules.

Basically, this make CFP almost useless to me; I don’t mind the pop-ups, but not when I have to re-enter them every… two weeks or something like that.

Anyone know what might have caused it, and if there’s anything I can do about it?

Are you using Windowblinds? Do you have the latest version of Comodo?

Yes, actually, I am. I hadn’t realized this might be a problem; I wasn’t using the most recent version of CFP (I was using a 3.x, but not the most recent one)… after this problem, I updated yesterday.

Can I expect the new version to not have that error? Or is there a way I can configure WindowBlinds so that it doesn’t conflict? I’ve already tried to write Comodo an application-level exception for every .exe in its folder.

Thanks for your quick response!

Its not Comodo. Its Windowblinds. Be sure your using the latest version available through Stardock Central. If you close out Comodo by the taskbar icon the open it up again you will see your settings. There is also a setting in Windowblinds not to skin buttons in applications. Be sure to check that off. Be sure your using the latest version of Comodo also.