Lord of the Rings Online Issues (doesn't logon at all CFP3.0 on/off)[HELP]

Well I installed v3.0 and have the same issues with LoTRo, but now EVEN if I disable or shutdown CFP I still can’t connect at all to Lord of the Rings Online. I had to uninstall CFP3.0 completely for LoTRo to work again. Either it’s not completely shutting down or it’s enforcing a permanent block rule? Also I noticed it DID NOT disable or shutoff Windows Firewall, that remained working the whole time.

:frowning: Bummer I was almost starting to like v3.0…

Incoming connections were blocked? You probably need to allow a certain port. This also happens with irc.

Did that for lotroclient.exe with no effect what-so-ever.

All outbound

Port 80 TCP/UDP
Ports 2900-2910 UDP
Ports 9000-9010 UDP

CFP refused to shutdown and/or ■■■■■■■ up something with my network, so I had to uninstall it completely to get it to work and login to the game.

I even uninstalled, ran a registry cleaner, and then re-installed v3.0 and it still didn’t work.

This sounds like a similar issue to that your were seeing under V2. What are you getting in the logs?

The same, fragmented IP Packets / Bad Datagrams when it tries to access the logon server. I was able to just shutdown v2.4 and run the game fine that way. I can’t even do that with v3.0 because either it won’t shutdown or theres a permanent block somewhere after it is shutdown.

Wow…I just got back from doing a CT scan on my chest at the hospital and guess what? I fire up LoTRo (just a hunch) and when it tries to access the logon server it pops up with a message ‘do I want to allow it access or not…blah…blah’ of course I answer YES! This has never happened until now. It put some rule(s) in for lotroclient.exe (finally) into Network Security Policy. It’s been working fine now ever since. Just going to check now whether it does/doesn’t kick me out of the game now every 5-10 minutes.

Oh BTW I just had open-heart surgery last month and recooperating from that. I’m not working (and probably won’t be for a few months anyway) and waiting on my SSD/SSI determination. If you need anymore beta-testers (I have beta-tested software before and have an AAS degree in Computer Information Systems) I would be willing to offer my assistance. It gets kind of boring around the house here when you can’t do very much except play on the internet and take an occasional daily walk or two.


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