loosing internet connection a lot??

Hello, I tried comodo a few months back but had lots of connection problems so i switched to kerio. I’ve had some experience setting up firewalls from zone to kerio and linux iptables too etc etc. I havent had a security problem in the past or a problem setting up a firewall and all 3 computers can see each other and share files and use the printer. Anyways I decided to try this application again seeing how it had some good reviews and it was no longer a beta. Since I’ve installed this on one of my 3 computers to evaluate it i keep getting dropped from my connection. My other 2 computers are fine they dont drop , 1 is running linux mepis and the other xp pro with kerio, this one has xp home.
I also have another question regarding limited accounts and no icon on the task bar, is that the way its designed? Or is this application better running in an admin account?
thx in advance…

If my kids were not gamers all 3 would be running linux (:AGY)

Hi karvr

I suppose it is possible that CFP is blocking some sort of keep-alive packet from your ISP. Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see if there are any suspicious or unknown blocks in there.

CFP needs to be installed from an Admin priv account. But, it should run on any type of account as far as I am aware.