Loopback IPv6 & Ask

W10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042. 1052/ CIS PRO :


I have several questions. Some may not have a reason to be, not being a network specialist.

In the screen “Network Zones/Loopback Zone”, it does not have an IPv6 address as for Home#1. Is this normal ?

I have an Application Rule for a program that includes several FW rules.
One is an outgoing loopback access and the last one is Ask & Log.
The program wants to make access to the loopback using IPv6 (::1). A priori this access is denied because there is an event in “Firewall Events”.
However, no questions were asked. Is the feature “Ask” works properly ?

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you have Filter IPv6 traffic enabled in firewall settings?

Yes I have.

I added an address in the Loopback Zone (IPv6 ::1).

For now everything seems to be working properly.

On my system which uses both IPv4 and IPv6 there is also no IPv6 ::1 listed in the Loopback Zone (only IPv4 is listed).

I think IPv6 ::1 loopback should be (or must be) added by CIS to the Loopback Zone as soon as CIS detects the presence of an IPv6 network.