loopback -allow, internet-deny -how do it?

Hi everyone,
I have app who works at address and random ports.I want block acces this app to internet zone.I added this app to: “defined a new blocked app” and added rule (firewall-advanced-predefined filrewall policies): loopback only but app then not works
if I addthis app in section “defined new trusted app” app have full acces in/out .

Create a rule like:

Outgoing TCP/UDP source adress: any reomte adress: source port: any remote port any.
and another rule with block IP out/in from any port /adress to any port/adress

I added 2 rules for this application:
Firewall-advanced-predefined rules-add-name rule: “Allow Loopback app”, settings: operation - ask, prot. TCP or UDP, the direction - in both direc., source address (single) -, destination -, source port, destination port - Any.
And the second rule is added “Deny internet app”:operation is blocking, any outbound IP, destination IP (marked “exclude” reverse selection)
Only the question of how to remove the applications from the “Define a new lock applications”. If you will add me to the" Define a new trusted application "then the setting covers my defined.

For app:

Block IP In/Out From Not In [Loopback Zone] To Not In [Loopback Zone] Where Protocol Is Any 8)

Easiest way to achieve what bear is saying is to go to Firewall->Network Security Policy->Application Rules

Find the application and right click on the rule/s and select “Remove” until you see “Add rules for this application”
Next right click where rule goes and select Add rule. Configure the rule as seen in picture 1 for both source and destination then click APPLY and then OK.
You should end up with a rule as in picture 2


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Thnx, people
works fine