Loop on ftdisk.sys, numerous false positives

This morning I found that my weekly full system scan was still running after seven and a half hours, looping on:


The scan cannot be stopped, forcing a reboot.

Also, Comodo had “discovered” 42 threats, ALL of which are false positives. A lot of them are assoicated with the Wordpress blogs I maintain, but by no means all. For example, it detects PStools from Microsoft as various variations of malware. I see no point in being more specific; others have reported most of them and it is clear that this latest version of Comodo has serious problems.

Until the 477 update and signature database 1005, Comodo behaved properly on my system. This disaster might force me to remove it, however. I do not want to do this, because until now Comodo has been easilt the best of the AV products, and I have experience with all of them.

Windows XPx32 sp3
Comodo 3.8.65951.477
Signature 1008

Same horrible experience as you. The AV in CIS 3.8 is terrible! I turned it off and moved to Avira.

See this thread also, others are having similar issues:


The AV in CIS 3.8 is terrible! I turned it off and moved to Avira.

Hi SirComo,

Comodo AV went though a bad phase for a day or so, but everything works fine here now.

I chose Comodo because I tried several others (free and pay) and all of them had problems at least as bad or worse. Most of them had false positives (some of them couldn’t even finish a scan) but Comodo is the only one that actually let me deal with them. I didn’t try Avira, but will it let me ignore a false positive so that I can actually get work done? At least CIS AV lets me flag a file as safe or exclude a directory if I have to.

I bet you anything that your problem is not gone. When it happened to me the first time I was ready to ignore it, then it went OK for a couple of days then the problem was back. I can’t deal with a computer that hangs every other day because of the Comodo AV. v3.5 was stable enough for me but they stopped the AV database updates.

Avira lets you ignore a directory or a file, though you have to add it manually via the settings, it doesn’t have an option to automatically add it for you – others are complaining about it too, but it is possible to do it with a little bit of manual work. I only had 7 false positives to ignore so it was not too bad for me (Comodo detected 16 false positives).

I’m sure that sooner or later CIS AV will find another false positive, but I haven’t seen an AV app that doesn’t. One of the strengths of CIS AV is the ease of dealing with them. I have removed all false positives form My Safe Files and no longer have anything excluded, and none of the previous false positives are found now.

Meanwhile, I did drop by the Avira web site to see how it handled exceptions, and discovered that people in the support forum were compaining about… false positives. I expected that, mind you. What I did find disturbing was the high number of complaints about inability to update. That would have put Avira right out of the running for me if I were looking for a replacement for CIS AV, which I am not.

My experience with Avira is that it is quite prone to false positives.