lookup errors [RESOLVED]

evening folks. old problem but has anyone an answer for errors on look-up submissions? also on submissions it will time out. probably been hashed out with a fix but haven’t seen as yet. have a good week end and thanks for any help. frank.

For now, Put Defense+ in Safe Mode You won’t need to deal with Pending Files on this Setting, and it is the most recommended one.

Problems like this aren’t really critical, But I am sure there will be a fix in future versions.


Hi Josh & Frank,
I did have problems in the past as described, but I think they were introduced or probably coincidentally were happening (server problem?) with version before previous one.
I am not experiencing that now. The point of my comments is rather different.

Josh, probably we “wont need to deal with…” At the same time, no mater how the “Pending Files” feature irritates some or being loved dearly by others :slight_smile: and being improved currently, etc. the initial purpose and intention of the said feature is very good and probably overlooked by some. It is very healthy one, if I may say so in my bad English.
I do lookups and file submissions even if I am 100% sure that all files listed are good & can be trusted. I feel that I do some “community services” for all my sins (:SHY)

Few things still has to be improved at Comodo site. We have to get faster responses back for some files (actually many) with substantially decreased number of Unknown(s). By that I mean in the first place commonly used and upgraded Products.
For example:

  • It is not right that the releases of Comodo products do have any delays.
    Well it took how many days to “clean” BOClean’s?.. sounds good… :slight_smile: and as for today the main exe.26 is still “unknown”;
  • MS updates. I don’t care about $NtUninstall(s). I’m removing them after 2 weeks anyway but, say $ht_mig$, which should not be removed are “forever Pending”
  • …\system32.…\drivers.…\dllcache.… etc.;
  • Adobe Suites & other stuff … took a few months to “get safe” but interestingly enough Acrobat Reader, which is the most commonly used is still there when there were no updates for a long time.
    No more examples, enough said.
    Does anything written make sense or I am totally wrong?
    I do agree with

My regards (V)

It is :slight_smile:


morning all. thanks for replies. hope it does get fixed in near future. am only running firewall at this time. no defence plus. thanks again. gotta go and mow the lawn and all that good stuff now. frank.

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