Looks to me that often Comodo shows incorrect information about...

…who is starting some application.
I can’t say that I see a definite pattern, but it doe seem that more often then not if there’s a busy application on the foreground and you launch another one, Comodo reports that the foreground application did it. This happens fairly often when an application is busy and you switch tasks, then after some time when the background application , it pops up in the foreground. Usually if any other program is attempting to access the Internet at this moment, Comodo thinks that the foreground application attempted to control that program and asks for user input…

Hi and welcome. I know exactly what you mean and I don’t think it’s only CPF. When I used ZA or even a spyware terminator or Norton, or other security apps, it seems when opening another application , the foreground gets first report no matter what, or almost as if the next application kicks the foreground application into gear. I don’t know why this happens but the foreground is in fact the one that tries to access. Perhaps the background application is kicking the foreground application , telling it to get moving. :wink: If only that simple.


I agree. I’ve only used Comodo for a few days now (recently switched from Zone Alarm) and I’ve seen some warnings that seem strange to me.

For instance, when signing up for this forum, I copied my user name and password from my browser (Firefox) to a note keeping program. Then when I went to log in, I got a popup telling me the note keeping program might be trying to use Firefox to access the internet. It wasn’t.
Last time I used my spell checker in a post such as this, I received an email mid way through. I clicked on a link in my email program, and got a warning popup that my email program might be using my spell checker to access the internet with Firefox, or something like that.

Seems to me these are all OLE warnings, and while I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, the Firewall does seem to get carried away. I think maybe it might also relate to the Windows clipboard, as copying something to the clipboard from one program, then accessing the internet with another program seems to trigger some of these strange warnings, even if the two programs are not interacting.

Other than that, I really like Comodo so far, although I’ll probably be adding my two cents worth to the forum for feature suggestions later… :slight_smile:

same thing here

I once even had a pop-up telling me that skype started a connection … whereas I closed and unloaded skype several minutes ago … :-\

“OLE automation” popups are the alerts you see?

Yes if I can remember well … skype was mentioned under the “security considerations” part of the popup