Looks like CIS prevents cmd from working properly

First, i have to say this again, you simply almost can´t find a thing in this Comodo interface.

I tried to find this location, but had to give up:


Is anyone, except maybe the programmers themselves, able to find that funny “Application System Activity Control”? Everyone in this forum, whenever mentioning a location in posts should always meticulously describe where that &$%§& setting is, otherwiese 80% of the explanations is completely in vain. We cannot spend three days to search a setting, guys, come on!

I use the Opus file manager, which has an extra module to launch applications externally (from outside the program). For a function i need to use a .cmd file, which fails to work, because obviously CIS hinders the proper function (from within Opus CLI the command does work, but not via DOS) of that cmd.

Has anyone an idea, how to set the cmd.exe to be allowed to use Opus.exe without any unexplained & undetectable reason of failure. Please work your Interface over, the way it is now it is a complete mess!! Your whole firewall very urgently needs a SEARCH FUNCTION!!


UPDATE: now i found that “Application System Activity Control”, but still couldn´t solve the problem. I allowed cmd. exe to run Opus.exe & Opusrt.exe, also interprocess, i allowed cmd.exe, Opus.exe, Opusrt.exe access among each other, to no avail, this is frustrating. I believe this is one of the best firewalls in the world, but things like this should never happen. A firewall shouldn´t circumvent basic functionality like this. I even see the progress bar of that fictive process, DOS-window claiming to add one file after another to the collection, but the process just fails, the files actually never arrive. The same basic commands Opus do work, but as soon as i try to use the external module (which is required to be done that way for some reasons), it fails.

I saw that behavior some time ago, Comodo Firewall regularly fails doing some .bat & .cmd related stuff, most likely because of too restrictive policies, which nobody can comprehend.